"If the offsite sector is to mature then there is a need for collaborative platforms such as 'go-offsite' to enable the industry to access specialist knowledge and prospective delivery partners. I welcome this initiative and hope it enables the industry to harness the clear delivery and performance benefits of moving to higher levels of pre-manufacturing."

Mark Farmer, The Farmer Review

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The go-offsite guide covers every aspect of offsite development from pre-planning, selection of systems, creating an effective project team, quality control, getting the legals right, the business case and, of course, optimising sustainability.

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Welcome to go-offsite!

Here at Sustainable Homes, we're delighted to launch our new initiative for the offsite housing sector: go-offsite.co.uk

go-offsite has been created to provide helpful content and sources of supply for developers who are keen to explore modular housing.

Whether you're a developer, supplier or other housing professional, we want to hear from you so we can make this site the go-to resource with up-to-the-minute content and all the latest news, innovations and advice.

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About offsite housing

The speed of construction, reduced labour requirements and potential energy and resource savings present some clear benefits for a sector that is facing unprecedented demands on quantity and quality of housing. However uptake is understandably tentative, particularly among social housing providers.

Sustainable Homes believes modern methods of construction (MMC) can deliver substantial environmental and economic benefits, but only if all players in the market work diligently to ensure rigorous processes on both supply-side and procurement. Our experience shows that the shortage of information about offsite, namely types, processes and suppliers, is the main factor inhibiting uptake. Whilst manufacturers and others in the supply-chain are investing millions in capacity-building, we need to ensure that the market is upskilled, knowledgeable and receptive to the transitions required in order to reap the benefits of a higher performing housing market.

About go-offsite

go-offsite is a Sustainable Homes initiative. Our objective is to stimulate uptake of offsite housing in order to drive quality and quantity without compromising sustainability and performance. These should not be mutually exclusive objectives in the 21st century in a leading global economy!

We are working with manufacturers to differentiate precision products that will perform ‘as-built’ with zero defects and achieving higher levels of sustainability as standard. In most cases there should also be significant cost and time advantages over traditional construction.

go-offsite is raising levels of knowledge and skills in development teams to help them better understand the offsite solutions available and to match these to proposed sites, thereby increasing the likelihood of procuring offsite, and utilising the rapidly-emerging capacity that will strongly contribute to alleviating the housing crisis and achieving the transition called for by The Housing White Paper and The Farmer Review.

Additionally, we wish to create client consortia, to drive capacity and achieve economies of scale to drive value, rather than the current race to the bottom on specification and standards. Closely working with all parties,  we will monitor performance and conduct research to define best practice and evidence-based standards for offsite housing procurers.

Whilst beneficial to all housing developers, go-offsite is especially critical for social and private landlords, as the benefits of higher performing stock and the ability to take BIM designs through to asset management, will yield long-term paybacks.

Sarah Daly

Director of Strategic Sustainability & Partnerships

Sustainable Homes




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